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  • Address: Mirzo Ulugbek district, st. Mirzakalon Ismoiliy 1G
  • Helpline: 1146
  • Work days: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday



About the activities of primary organizations of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan


The primary organization of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan deals with women empowerment in a particular field; recommends them to the governmental bodies; provides women with work and integrates asocial women into primary organizations.


In particular, 21,760 meetings and round tables of women's committees on the protection of socially-vulnerable women, work with unemployed women, 340 exhibitions and fairs for the development of women entrepreneurship were organized.


On the field, there was an association of unorganized women with most primary women organizations. To speed up efforts to protect their interests, ensure employment, develop entrepreneurial and professional skills, and strengthen family relations, 70 asocial women were hired by Hanoi Ipagi LLC in Balikchi district of Andijan region, 48 by the local primary organization of the joint venture GM-Uzbekistan, 50 by Ferghana Oil Refinery, 24 by UzDEO and 30 by the initial organization of the Salom plant in the city of Karshi, Kashkadarya region.


In 2018, 172 asocial women were employed at manufacturing enterprises with the help of the primary organizations of the Committee.


Regional women's committees as well as women's primary organizations in the mahallas (territorial self-governing bodies), educational institutions and business organizations held 1,499 round tables, seminars and promotional events on the essence, goals and objectives of the State program.


728 of these events were held in mahallas, 377 in secondary schools, vocational colleges, academic lyceums and universities, and 344 in enterprises. The event was attended by 30,429 people, including about 21,000 women and young people.


In this direction, the media made 283 broadcasts, 25 of them on television, 112 times on the radio and 46 times in the press.


INFORMATION on the primary organizations of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan




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